Performance CNC

Manufacture of precision components
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What Performance CNC offers:

  • Decades of precision machining expertise
  • High-volume and Prototype
  • Start to Finish creation of individual components and assemblies
  • Proven in house manufacturing processes to provide a wide range of finished products

Satisfied Customers

Our satisfied customers are dominant in the following industries: Medical, DoD, Aerospace, Automotive, Sporting Goods, Commercial Diving, Maritime, Rigging, Outdoor Lighting, Robotics, Kiosk, and more.

Reach Solutions

We are always eager to work with your engineering team to reach the best solution for first-run components to lower costs and expedite processes. We can aid in design for manufacturing (DFM) and offer consulting services.

Our Capability

Our facility is capable of high-volume contracts with parts per year in the tens of thousands.

Our company follows strict IPC and AIAG conformances in regards to 3TG sources. We use the IPC-1755-WAM1&2 guidelines and have documentation from our vendors to ensure we do not source any materials from 3TG conflict regions. Please click the link below for details.

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